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Ease your mind.


Elysai is a place where people get
a glimpse of the future of human-computer interaction – a future where friendly Digital Personas talk to people on a daily basis to help them find peace and enjoy life.

Elysai mobile app available
for Android. For free!

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“What an amazing app the world is really going to be amazing in the future with this one can predict how interesting the future is gonna be nice work to the developer 🤜💥”


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Meet the first AI-powered Digital Personas that teach you the art of life satisfaction. Talk with them to learn how to work with your emotions and perceptions and live a better life each day.

Elysai AI Digital Persona Poppy
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Elysai unpredictable AI chat

Digital Personas

Poppy, Seb, Maya, Kai… and more. Meet your socially intelligent AI companions and virtual friends, capable of having a complex and truly engaging conversation. They are powered by the PromethistAI platform.


Our mission

We combine the latest research in artificial intelligence and psychology to help people establish healthy habits, support personal growth and lead more fulfilling lives. We believe that this can provide effective prevention of mental health issues, leading to better general well-being.

Science-supported approach to development

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts, including psychologists, therapists and social workers has been studying evidence-based approaches in positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, resilience, and relationship and communication sciences.


Personalized interaction

Enjoy the exciting experience of talking with an AI who is able to recognize human moods and learns more about the world of feelings and emotions from each conversation. Every user's needs are different – and so are the interactions.

Elysai mobile app is the pilot project of PromethistAI


Feeling stressed? 82% of users said they felt better after trying one of our relaxation techniques.

Previously known as TalkToPoppy!, the app has offered help to tens of thousands of people from different continents and cultures. Try it and see how it can help you.


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