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About the technology


The Flowstorm platform is a set of development tools, voice, and multimodal clients and a hosted or on-premise runtime. It offers developers an environment for designing Conversational AI applications with support for rich personalisation, adaptation and access to local and internet databases.

The platform also offers an interface to configure the NLP pipeline with any of the NLP algorithms.

The platform brings a set of SaaS development tools and software components for creating smart Conversational & Multimodal AI applications.

It allows developers around the globe to design personalised and adaptive Voice First applications. The applications can run from the cloud as well as on-premise servers.


The applications’ clients can be integrated into virtually any device with a microphone and speaker including mobile phones, web apps, Alexa, Google Hub, etc.


Flowstorm represents the pinnacle of current human knowledge and technology.

Talk to Poppy is powered by FlowstormAI - 
platform which marks a revolution in conversational design

Key features of the FlowstormAI platform

Visual designer

Dialogue models are designed by our unique visual design tool offering basic conversation building blocks, complex reusable sub-dialogues, and an embedded web client.

This allows for immediate testing and debugging of the dialogue step by step with available settings on behalf of any user. The tool also supports audiovisual content to enrich bot responses with pictures, music, snippets, or even videos and animations; taking voice-driven communication to the next level.

Conversation analytics

When it comes to designing entertaining applications, it's crucial to analyze every human interaction in detail. Therefore, we strongly support implicit as well as customizable metrics, covering different parts of the dialogues and visualizing their runtime. These metrics help us improve application settings, modifying the conversation design to enhance both user experience and results.

Dialogue scripting

Our dialogue model can be extended using our DSL scripting language, DialogueScript.

Embed various conversation decision-making algorithms while utilizing all user context data, including mentioned entities, data identified in previous reactions, and information stored in long-term user context (bot’s memory). All of which can be combined with entities from connected knowledge databases.

Multi-channel experience

Promethist provides conversational experience from a variety of channels capable of conversational interaction. These include web, Intelligent Voice Assistant (IVA), platforms (Alexa, Google Assistant), mobile and wearable platforms (Apple, Google Android), and even custom device types.

Common distribution system

Our platform's distribution system is capable of targeting conversational apps created or consumed by various organizations, specific user groups, and even individuals with custom settings. This distribution system separates content from the specifics of any particular platform such as Google Assistant or Alexa.

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