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Journal and Review


Journaling is a great tool for becoming conscious of your own mind and further strengthening that awareness. It allows you to be an observer of yourself. Taking records of your feelings, thoughts, and situations can help you vent and make sense of the things you are going through and broaden your perspective. It allows you to stop for a while, reflect on your life, and pay attention to what’s really going on and help you make sense of it and clear things up.


By extension, it reduces the power of intrusive negative thoughts, reduces the intensity of emotions, and often leads to a change in behavior.

So, keeping track of the feelings you had, how intense they were, when they occurred, and what thoughts were going through your mind can be really fruitful. It can reveal patterns that lead to negative feelings or that demotivate you and hold you back.

That’s why regularly reviewing and going through the entries in your journal is also meaningful. It helps you to find the patterns, to notice the short-term variability and even the long-term change. It can help you find and see the solutions for your problem and the possibilities you have. It allows making steps forward on the journey to improved well-being and mental health.

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