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Stress-relief techniques

Stress is a normal physiological and emotional reaction to situations which demand our enhanced attention and activity. However, stress can sometimes be overwhelming and unproductive. Or it can be long-lasting. In such cases, the best option is to avoid the stressful environment but for a variety of reasons, that is not always an option or it might require more time to do so.


For such cases, we need something to help us cope with the stress. First, it is necessary to realize that we are under stress and that we need to do something about it. When under stress, that is often harder than it might seem. One of the most commonly used activities to help us is aerobic physical activity. Its benefits go far beyond stress relieving; it also has immense health (both mental and physical) benefits.


However, often in stressful situations, we are not in a position to take on exercising right away. Techniques that relieve stress without the need for putting on our sneakers at once were developed precisely for these situations. 


The most immediate are the breathing techniques. Concentrating on breathing and its regulation might bring instant stress relief. This technique is particularly effective when the stress blocks our ability to perform an activity that is required from us on the spot. It can boost our activity, but its effect doesn’t last long without substantial inner motivation.


Other techniques are more elaborate, more time-demanding, but their effects last longer. An often-used example is autogenic training, a complex relaxation technique based on body-focused awareness and imagination, and other muscle relaxations.

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