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PromethistAI uses the following third-party services to run, maintain and analyze the Elysai application. The conversational part of the Elysai application is created and runs on the PromethistAI platform, our in-house platform for creating and running conversational applications. The following text refers to it as “Platform”.


Google Analytics

Web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. We use it to measure the number of visitors to our websites.


A set of hosting services for any type of application. It offers notifications and clustering of users into audiences based on the events they trigger. We use it to cluster users into audiences and to send notifications to particular clusters of users.



Amazon Web Services

Cloud services used for hosting the Platform. We use servers located in the Frankfurt region. All the data transferred from the client application to the servers are encrypted.

Atlas MongoDB

We use the database hosted on AWS and located in the Frankfurt region. The database is used for storing relevant runtime and analytical and interaction data. The data transferred between the Platform and the database are encrypted.

Android Speech Recognizer (ASR)

We use a native Android (on-device if available) speech recognizer to create a text transcript from voice input. If a local ASR is supported, no voice data is transferred from the device, otherwise the data is transferred encrypted.

Google/Microsoft/Amazon Text to Speech (TTS)

We use the TTS service to transfer an encrypted textual bot response into a voice output. We use Google/Microsoft/Amazon providers to provide various voices.


We use the Auth0 service to provide the registration and login options for the users of the Elysai app and the Platform. As Auth0 works with personal data, they have third-party audits and certifications (


We use Sentry to aggregate runtime exceptions generated by the Platform and the Elysai Android app.


We use Site24 to monitor the availability of backend services. The service regularly calls endpoints on the components of the Platform to check whether they are alive. No data is shared with this service.




Service used for managing and hosting the website



Service for managing newsletters and other email notifications


Google Workspace

Service for managing email communication and storing company documents



Service for internal communication



Service for managing Elysai-related tasks and issues and planning new features

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