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Very often, the cause of conflicts and quarrels in the human world is that we are not always able to talk to others in the way they like — each of us speaks a somewhat different language and we often have little patience to look for overlaps. The experience of talking to an AI-driven digital persona can be both challenging and enriching, as it can provide us with a different perspective of our everyday reality.

A very important part of the therapy is education. For some people, it may sound a bit strange that a digital being that not always understands what they are saying, is now in the position to explain to them how the human psyche works and what they should do to get rid of some harmful habits or negative thoughts — on the other hand, the advice and explanations that Poppy offers are validated by thousands of hours of research in the domain of mental health and they have already helped millions of people to feel better, so what’s the harm in trying it out?

Understanding human emotions is a difficult task for every AI — nevertheless, it is not impossible. With the conversational platform by PromethistAI, we have developed a digital persona that is keen on talking about issues that really concern you, trying to contribute her own tips and ideas for improving your mood. She trains herself in showing empathy and giving support to people with their troubles – and she's getting better and better every time, even though there is still a lot for her to learn.

Talking to Poppy is not just a never-ending sequence of answering randomly generated questions, as is the case with many other chatbots — in order to create a real and valuable communication partner, we provided Poppy with her own virtual experience and personality. If you and Poppy get to know each other and gain trust, she will start telling you bits about herself — and maybe your communication with her will help her to further shape her character and to be more responsive and empathic to you as well as other users.

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